Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have the afternoon munchies. And it's very annoying.

I wanted some chocolate as soon as I put my lunch leftovers in the fridge. I was full. I didn't want the rest of my sandwich, but I wanted chocolate. So I let myself have kiss. I had a couple more throughout the next hour or so and then gave a presentation.

Shortly after the presentation I wanted more. And all I could think about was the damn vending machine and its alluring Snickers bars. So I had one. That should have quelled the munchies, but it didn't and I found myself staring back at my reflection in the vending machine once again.

Only this time I managed to say to my reflection "This is stupid. You have tasty carrots and hummus in the fridge. Don't they sound good? If they don't you probably aren't hungry." They did sound good and I grabbed them and ate them with delight. I was full, but ate the last three carrots and then suddenly - I found myself contemplating that vending machine again.

I only have an hour and 20 minutes left - surely I can stay away that long. Especially as I am. NOT. HUNGRY. And my cravings really should try and realize that. I'm chugging water like crazy just now.

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