Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 - That's a nice round number

Ah - Resolution TIME! I have discovered that now that I live in Louisiana the biggest problem I have with starting a health regiment after new year's even can be summed up in two words: King Cake. Every where else in the country you have break from special treats as of January 1st. Most people can keep things going smoothly until at least Valentine's Day. And even that day doesn't have to provide that big of a bump. Valentine's candy is just regular candy in red and pink foil - it doesn't have to have special appeal. And anyone can shake off a fancy dinner out and a bit of extra candy that's probably only a temptation around the house and office for about a week or so.

But here, HERE - we have Mardi Gras and I know the rest of the country think that this is only a day in February or March, but my dears, no. Mardi Gras is a friggin season. And the King Cakes, those luscious rings of flaky cinnamon, creamy filling, and tasty frosting are out in full force the first week of January. They are just a precursor of all the parties and parades that will take place over the next month and a half. It is just evil! We've already had two King cakes at my office and Mardi Gras day is not until Feb. 16th. GrrrArg!

So try and bare with me as I try and get back to a healthy lifestyle in the midst of King Cake Caverns. What? That isn't a place in candy land?

My resolutions for the year.
  1. Get my healthy lifestyle habits back.
  2. Use this blog more.
  3. Make laziness an artform, not a lifestyle.
The first should be pretty obvious and straightforward.

The second - well I'd like to update at at least once a week and I'd like to talk about both my struggles and triumphs with eating well and BOOKS! I want to THINK again. So I'd like to try and do some book reviews here once a month or once every couple of months. I'm planning to start with Intuitively Eating. I want to re-read it and try and embrace it even more.

The third - I'm a lazy person. I know it. But I'd like to be less lazy. I'd like to pick my times to be lazy. Like New Year's day when I have nothing pressing to do, and have been traveling for weeks it is completely appropriate to break out the ultimate of lazy days, not even getting dressed or going anywhere and just reading all day. It is not okay to come home from work and not do anything, it is not okay to be lazy all the time every day. So I'm going to work on it.

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