Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toe - MAH - toes!!

So not long ago the fabulous Emily posted this recipe for Un-Fried Green tomatoes and I immediately wanted to make it. I've lived in the South pretty much my whole life and I don't believe that I've ever had a fried green tomato - but this just looked soooo good.

Problem - It's hard to buy green tomatoes, I don't have a garden, and my friends who did are dealing with this crazy heat that is killing many vegetables. Plus, the few times I find some - they turn red before I can get to them.

When a volunteer at the office brought me some from the farmer's market - actually going to the trouble to pick through different baskets, getting the green ones for me I knew that I had to use them. And of course when I was at Whole Foods today I found a couple of other green heirloom tomatoes. Shocking.

I followed Emily's recipe pretty much exactly, except that when I went to open our mushrooms - they were SLIMY! Gross. I'm not the biggest mushroom fan to begin with, mostly because of textural issues and when they get slimy - ain't gonna happen.

So I substituted the mushrooms for some sweet peppers from the farmer's market. I also had some extra green tomato that I threw in with the other tomatoes.

I had a bit of trouble with mine sticking, but I think perhaps I did not spray the pan evenly enough. Or possibly some of my slices were too thin, as the ones that were thicker slid off the pan easy-peasy.

It was SO GOOD!

The man was less fond, but he is less fond of tomatoes over all - and not so fond of the whole wheat flour I used also. He ended up using two as a sandwich bun for a veggie patty.

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